How to Get Through a Rough Winter

By Mitchell Green, Reporter

February 11, 2016

Don’t lie to yourself anymore. You don’t like frigid temperatures, dark skies, your car getting stuck in the snow or salt rocks hitting your eyeballs and blinding you any more than the rest of humanity does, so let’s grab a cup of honest tea, and start sippin’... winter sucks. If you’re ...

Spring Temperatures for the Holidays

By Michael Younkin, Commentary Editor

December 21, 2015

Those of us who enjoy summer are going to have a great winter this year, while those of us that don’t are going to have a fairly disappointing year.   Every four years or so, an upwelling in the southern Pacific Ocean causes a shift in weather patterns, an El Niño. This is a natural process in...

Break out the winter attire

By Gina Corey, Editor-in-Chief

November 9, 2012

  With the weather hitting a low 36 degrees already, it is time to break out the winter attire. This doesn’t mean that we have to turn to itchy sweaters and bulky coats; there are comfortable and fashionable alternatives out there for both guys and girls.   Girls: UGGS...

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