The girls lacrosse team catches a fast break into the spring season

  Coming off of an 8-7 winning record from last spring season, the girls lacrosse team is diligently preparing for an even more successful upcoming season.

  According to head coach Steve Marshner, last year’s offense was the top ranked Susquehannock offense out of 2009-2012 and the #10 ranked offense in the district.  The team has high hopes of qualifying for districts this season since the girls were one game out from qualifying last season.

  Marshner recognizes that the girls will have to work extra hard to accomplish their goals and overcome a huge setback.

  “Our biggest obstacle will be having to replace all six defenders that graduated last year,” said Marshner,  “and getting the new defense to work as a unit.”

  Also last season, the girls came close to beating Kennard Dale by taking the Rams into overtime, which was a big accomplishment they hope to build on this season.

 Senior and midfield player Carley VanLuit wants to beat more formidable teams this season, especially Kennard Dale.

  “We’ve never beaten them,” said VanLuit. “However, this year we’re supposed to be number one, so there’s a lot of pressure.”

  Marshner is also looking forward to a successful season due to the dedication and knowledge of the girls.

  “We are a fast team,” said Marshner. “We have a lot of players with lacrosse IQ, which is how smart you are in the game.  They are also highly engaged in the summer, and that helps the experience factor.”

  Not only do some of the girls play during the summer, but many also participate in indoor leagues, such as sophomore Madison Ellis, an attack and midfield player.  Ellis commends the girls on their ability to work as a team.

  “We know each other because a lot of us have played together for a really long time, and we’re all very coachable,” said Ellis. “From a game standpoint, we mostly know each other’s style of play.”

   Van Luit also praises the girls for their communication and overall unity.

  “It’s an individual sport because all the eyes are on you when you have the ball,” said Van Luit. “But then you have to work together to be successful.”

  Meanwhile, the girls will continue preseason workouts consisting of stick work, conditioning, and agility until the season begins on March 3 where they will begin daily practices.

  Despite being placed in such a tough division, Marshner believes that the team can go far with a strong work ethic.

  “When we get together and train, I’m pleased,” said Marshner.  “We have a very young team, so we will have to get the young players on track with the drills and pace, but we have one of the hardest working and most knowledgeable teams.”

  The girls will face off against the Central York team on Saturday, March 15 at 8:30 a.m. in their first game of the season.