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The Student News Website of Susquehannock High School,   Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.

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The Student News Website of Susquehannock High School,   Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.

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High School Gets Major Upgrade

The highly anticipated “Commons” area is the new, main hub for the school. From this area students can access the entrance to the new cafeteria, new library, counseling office, health and main offices. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma


New modular seating areas were added to the “Commons” area. This seems to be a significant improvement from the original couches in the old auditorium lobby. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma


The new culinary arts classroom includes new, professional-grade ovens and stove-tops, featuring six gas burners and a griddle. “It’s a phenomenal space, I’m very excited to see all the great food that can come out of the students’ work. I think it’s an exciting step forward for our culinary program.” said teacher Karen Deluca. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma


The culinary arts lab also has a new industrial dishwasher and new three-compartment sink (not pictured) to create a professional environment for students to learn culinary skills. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma


The new library features a series of glass doors which can all be opened to the “Commons”, as well as a new lighting system. There is also a new office dedicated to the Tech SHED and a classroom, currently being used by English/Video Production teacher Tim Hare. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma.


The school’s new lockers now feature double-stacked, wider, and deeper dimensions, rather than the typical singular tall lockers. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma


A section of the original brick wall can still be seen in the auditorium lobby. This was done in an effort to preserve some of the history of the building. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma


The school’s bathrooms now use color-coded zones and have maximum capacities posted on each sign. Students also have new physical bathroom passes that need to be carried that shows which zone they should be using. “In a fast-paced world where we can now even pre-order our fast food and where we have eHallpass systems to increase the efficiency of our hall passage, our ‘zoned bathroom system’ provides guidance for the most efficient restroom to maximize our classroom learning time, and minimize time wasted waiting in a restroom,” said Assistant Principal James Sterner. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma


The stairwell facing Southern Elementary features a glass wall. More windows are seen throughout the new building to increase the amount of natural light throughout the building. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma


This new hallway leads to the entrances for the new band and orchestra rooms. A trophy case has been installed on the left to display many of the accomplishments of the marching band and music program. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma


The hallway outside of math teacher Steward Heikes’ room is now a dead-end. The hall used to be accessible from both directions, but renovations to the old part of the building now make this room one of the furthermost rooms in the building. “I’ve been in this room my entire career, so I appreciate the familiarity with the inside of my classroom. It’s a little strange being the last one in a “dead-end” hallway. We’re trying our best to compensate for the construction noise. On the bright side, it’s nice to be in a hallway with some new faces.” said Heikes. This section of the building will eventually be torn down. But for now, these classrooms need to be used while older parts of the building get renovated. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma
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