Quiz bowlers unable to move on in local competition

  Six Susky students competed in the annual Quiz Bowl, placing in 8th place out of 9 schools.

  For those that don’t know, the Quiz Bowl is an annual academic competition. Last year, our school came in last. This year, the team, consisting of sophomore Brady Achterberg, sophomore Adam Nolan, junior Gideon Miles, senior Konnie Brown, junior Zach Shelley, and sophomore Anthony Ianuzie, was very confident about the fate of the Quiz Bowl.

Photos By Heath Hallman. The Susky team consisted of Gideon Miles, Anthony Ianuzie, Zach Shelly, Brady Achterberg.
Quiz Bowl teams prepare to compete.

 “In the Iliad [ILL-ee-ud], Homer claimed that her father was Phoenix. Her father was the twin brother of Belus [BEL-us], the father of Aegyptus [ee-JIP-tus] and Danaus [DAN-ay-us]. Cilix [KIL-ix] was exiled from Tyros [TIE-rose] for failing to find her. The Oracle at Delphi [DEL-fie] told one of her brothers to not worry about her, and instead follow a cow; that led to the founding of Thebes [THEEBS]. This maiden, the only daughter of Agenor [ah-JEN-or], was given a dog that never missed its prey, and a spear that never missed its target. Zeus took the form of a bull to kidnap this maiden. Name this sister of Cadmus and namesake of a continent.” The answer is Europa.  To understand what Miles is talking about, the following is an example of an actual Quiz Bowl question from their online database.

   The students  will not be moving on to states.

*Example question submitted by Heath Hallman.