High School Seniors Won Battle of the Buildings

By KC O'Neill, Photography & Social Media Editor

On Tuesday, February 25 Susquehannock High School hosted the 12th annual Battle of the Buildings. The three elementary schools compete against each other in the primary division, and the middle school, high school, and high school students compete in the second division. Photograph by KC O’Neill


This year the high school students won the secondary division. Seniors Kayla Ross, Saige McKenzie, and Ashlynn Weger hold the trophy at the end of the night. Photograph by KC O’Neill


From the beginning of the event, the high school team had high energy. They were cheering each other up from the moment they were introduced. Photograph by KC O’Neill


Southern Elementary School won the primary division. Photograph by KC O’Neill


Southern Elementary School’s fans cheers on their school after announcing them the winners. Each school had a crowd of supporters that filled up the stands. Photograph by KC O’Neill


Senior, Nolan Holloway, jumps over his fellow classmates in a relay race of leapfrog. The annual event raises money for the Dollars for Scholars program. This year’s event raised more than $11,000. Photograph by KC O’Neill


Friendship Elementary celebrating after winning a round. FES staff won the spirit award again this year. Photograph by KC O’Neill


The first activity of the night was to walk from one side of the gym to the other by balancing an apple on each members’ head. A Shrewsbury Elementary teacher focused on passing the apple along in her team. Photograph by KC O’Neill


In another activity, members of each team were paired up. One person wore a blindfold and the other guided them through the cones. The person with the blindfold was trying to get to the other side of the gym and hand off the blindfold without touching any cones. Photograph by KC O’Neill


Southern Elementary School teacher Andrew Bloom guides his co-worker Michelle Shearer through the cones. Photograph by KC O’Neill


Social studies teacher Frank Posner, foreground, races against senior Nolan Holloway to get a plastic egg to the other side using a floor hockey stick. Photograph by KC O’Neill


Senior Lilly Denis flips a cone to get to the next obstacle in the relay. Denis said, “As a group, we were really excited to participate, but we all really wanted to win to beat all our teachers.” Photograph by KC O’Neill


High school staff members cheer on Kirstin Blass and the rest of their team during one of the activities. Blass said, “During Battle of the Buildings, I was feeling excited and competitive. It was awesome to interact with co-workers in a more fun and relaxed way while raising money for a good cause.” Photograph by KC O’Neill


Senior Kayla Ross quickly passes the ball to her teammate. Ross said, “During Battle of the Buildings I had such a fun time with a couple of my closest friends in the senior class. We got to compete in different events which made it competitive but also a lot of fun!” Photograph by KC O’Neill


The seniors celebrate after being announced the winners. Denis said, “We all tried really hard in all the games and by the end, we came out on top.” In the end, they raised more than $12,000 for Southern York County School District Foundation and Alumni Association programs. Photograph by KC O’Neill