Trayful-New Student-Made App- Hits App Store

The clean app logo provides a good little look into the easiness of the app.

The clean app logo provides a good little look into the easiness of the app.

By Mateo Vega, Reporter

The slick, easy-to-use design of Trayful makes the app very welcoming.
Screenshot by Mateo Vega

There’s a new app for organizing thoughts and work.

Senior Greyson Murray has coded and published an app, Trayful, to the Apple App Store.

Murray sees his app as a tool to help students stay on top of their responsibilities.

“[Trayful is] a simple organizational app that I just designed in my free time,” said Murray.

Emphasis goes on the word simple.

“I downloaded a few to-do list apps, and I just noticed that everything was so complicated for my simple needs,” said Murray. “I just needed to write a few things down, so I just decided to create a really simple [app] that would be really easy to use.”

Users of the app have indicated it being very helpful and simplistic, like Murray had intended.

One commentator on the app’s Apple Store page calls the app a “great time manager” and “great for just about anything related to management.”

Student-user, sophomore Ella Kloster, had positive things to say as well.

“Trayful is an app that keeps me organized,” said Kloster. “I use it as a checklist to keep track of tasks that I have to complete. I can’t remember every assignment I have for school, so Trayful definitely helps me keep track of them.”

The few settings make the app very easy and understandable, and leaves space for more in the future.
Screenshot by Mateo Vega

The process of getting an app on the App Store is generally tedious, but Murray had a very smooth approval of Trayful.

“Apple is really cautious of what they allow on the app store,” said Murray, “so I had to submit it for review, and it got approved the same day.”

The approval time is a hurdle other apps seeking Apple’s approval face often, and so Trayful’s quick approval was refreshing to Murray.

Students have also looked for just a few changes to the app.

“One thing that I think could be improved would be the option to delete individual tasks within each ‘tray’ in case I misspell a word or realize that I don’t need it,” Kloster said.

The app has done very well overall, and Greyson plans to continue coding for the future.

“I’m planning [an app] right now. It’s an idea tracker,” said Murray.

He plans to use this app to help him keep his ideas in order during his Think Tank class, and potentially let it be used for future Think Tank classes.

Beyond just high school activities, Murray advocates that more people get into coding and programming.

“I think programming is a really great thing,” said Murray. “Anybody can learn.”