Students Present Awareness Campaigns for English

By KC O'Neill, Photography & Social Media Editor

Freshmen Honors English students were assigned to make awareness campaigns to support a charity. The projects were based on one of five different novels of the students’ choice. There were various topics that were presented. These included child neglect, sexual abuse, supporting Australia wildfires, etc. Photograph by KC O’Neill


Parents were invited to listen to students present their awareness campaigns in the library. Photograph by KC O’Neill
Freshmen Olivia Mcglaughlin and Sydney Brown look at Peyton Savage and Emily Goodfellow’s project on sexual assault. Photograph by KC O’Neill


Freshmen Michael Synder, Tiana Drayden, and Ian Davis look at an awareness campaign about the Australian Bushfires. Photograph by KC O’Neill


English teacher Tim Groth speaks to students about their awareness campaign. Groth organized this event along with English teacher Karen DeLuca. Their goal was to make students look at the world around them from a different perspective and to encourage them to make a difference. Photograph by Kayse Corrieri


Each group of students had a station that was set up around the library for anyone to observe. There were 12 groups of three to six students that had their awareness campaigns set up in the library. Photograph by Kayse Corrieri