Wildfires in Australia Cause Dangerous Firestorms

By KC O'Neill, Photography & Social Media Editor

The wildfires in Australia are causing dangerous firestorms called pyroCbs. 

These storms originate from the dry air and can generate tornado-like winds and dark clouds that carry embers and striking lightning. 

PyroCbs carry lightning that can strike dry, untouched areas in Australia. Image Courtesy of @WIRED via Twitter

According to National Geographic, the wildfires are becoming increasingly more dangerous because of these firestorms. 

Australian officials have ordered evacuations to over 4,000 residents because these conditions are not suitable for living, as firestorms will cause high winds that develop into fiery tornadoes.

The firestorms cause dark clouds and smoke cover, making it unsafe air to breathe. Image Courtesy of @Dry Rivers via Twitter

The firestorms do not have any specific factors determining when or how they form; they are completely unexpected and vary in intensity.

Mike Flannigan, professor of wildland fire at the University of Alberta, mentioned that the firestorms can completely cover the sky with dense smoke.

Scientists expect these pyroCbs to continue for months, and they will most likely continue to get more dangerous. 

Many residents have learned that watching or listening to the news is the best way to keep out of harm’s way because there is no way to prevent these firestorms.

Brush fires start from the embers that are transported with the firestorms. Image Courtesy of The Spectator Index via Twitter