Students Construct for the Gingerbread House Competition


Freshman Evelyn Weldon working on her house gingerbread, making sure everything is just perfect. Weldon and her classmates participated in a class competition that took place on December 20, 2019. She’s adding finishing touches to her project to make it bright and colorful. Photograph by Tricia Rawleigh.
Weldon and her partner Gabby Marusko finished in 19th place in the gingerbread challenge.“I thought it was a good way to get into the holiday spirit and also a good way to express ourselves,” said Marusko. Photograph by Tricia Rawleigh.


Weldon and Marusko spend their time creating the festive house they named, “House 4 Homeless.” They decided to make this in dedication for the people who go without homes during the holidays. Photograph by Tricia Rawleigh.


Freshmen Josh Franklin and Oliver Dance finish in 20th place. Using bright and festive objects to create this piece. Working very hard on this the freshmen were very proud of their creation and glad they weren’t in last. Photograph by Tricia Rawleigh.


Freshmen Emma Knull and Adrianna Andrews, house 17, placed fifth with their winter wonderland creation. House 23 by freshmen Juliet Elias and Amelia Gusherowski placed 10th. “The challenge taught me how to have patience, with how difficult it was you had to take your time,” said Knull. Photograph by Tricia Rawleigh.
Freshmen Lola Sroka and Neaveah Keener constructed this gingerbread house in the Foods class. During the week of December 16 the Foods classes held a gingerbread house competition. Sroka and Keener placed seventh out of 32 contestants. Photograph by Tricia Rawleigh.


Freshman Natalie Badour and Ashlyn Heath finished in 17th place with this creation. Foods teacher Martha Sandusky invited teachers and staff members from the district to vote on their favorite houses. The final rankings were based on those votes. Photograph by Tricia Rawleigh.
Freshmen Peyton Joines and Elena Pasko placing second overall with this creative piece. Sandusky promised the top 5 finishers an exemption from the class final exam. Photograph by Tricia Rawleigh.
Sophomore Eliza Sillaman and Freshmen Davon Morton placed 14th with this festive house. Using icing, pretzels, nonpareils, a cone, and many other delicious ingredients for the gingerbread house during a 2-3 week building period. Photograph by Tricia Rawleigh.
Sophomores Madison Alexander and Cross Santoro placed fourth overall; that means they became exempt from having to take a final exam for the course. They decided to go bold with very bright additions, they caught the judges’ eyes with this wonderful creation. Photograph by Tricia Rawleigh.