What to Know about the SHS Alumni Panel

By Kaylee Martin, Reporter

An SHS Alumni Panel will take place in the auditorium on Thursday, Dec. 19, 2019 during the development day period.

The event is for students who are interested in enlisting in a branch of the military, attending college/technical/trade school, participating in an apprenticeship program, or heading into the workforce. 

Alumna Megan Green and her little buddy laugh together. Green will speak on the panel. Photograph by Grace Burns

According to counselor Matthew Shervington, students will have the opportunity to ask questions about alumni’s career paths and what decisions students will need to make to better their own futures. 

Photograph courtesy of Ashtan Kall        Alumna Ashtan Kall will be in attendance.

There will be alumni from the music, nursing and construction fields to the marine corps, naval academy and many more.

To register for this event, check your email, and use the Google Form being sent out.