Students Make Magic in the Theater Production of “Puffs”

By Maggie Grim, Broadcast Anchor & Reporter

Senior Hannah Adler, playing the role of Leanne, dances around on the stage as a happy, carefree Puff. Susquehannock’s Theatre Department performed the play “Puffs” on November 22-24. Photograph by Maggie grim


Senior Michael Daiuto, sophomore Michael Parmer and senior Cassidy Bolio, figuring out how to do magic as a Puff, portraying the roles of Oliver Rivers , Wayne Hopkins, and  Megan Jones. “Puffs” is the story of Wayne Hopkins, a regular boy, who finds out he’s a wizard and goes to school in England where he makes two best friends and has adventures. Does this sound familiar? But, Wayne Hopkins is sorted as a Puff and he and the other Puffs simply want to learn how to be wizards and avoid attacks by evil wizards. Photograph by Maggie Grim


Senior Jordan Pflieger playing Bippy the cheerful caring house elf for the Puffs. Nearly 20 Susquehannock students performed as members of the cast. Photograph by Maggie Grim

Junior Katherine Addotta playing Zach Smith, the wizard school frat boy, in Susquehannock Theatre’s production of ‘Puffs.’ The play employs numerous references to the 90’s. Photograph by Maggie Grim.


Owen Mechling playing the vicious roll of The Dark Lord. Photograph by Maggie Grim


Seniors Michael Daiuto and Cassidy Bolio sharing a kiss on stage during the performance of the play ‘Puffs.’ Photograph by Maggie Grim

All of the Puffs joined together at the Susquehannock play on Sunday, November the 24th. Bolio described as the Susquehannock cast as a second family. “It was easy to portray the Puffs on stage because the Puffs were basically family, and you felt that was about actual actors themselves,” said Bolio. Photograph by Maggie Grim

Various actors and ensemble members of the ‘Puffs’ cast dancing away in the bath scene. Photograph by Maggie Grim

Hannah Adler licks a baguette, one of the zany antics her character partakes in during the play ‘Puffs.”  Photograph by Maggie Grim

Addotta giving strong opinions during the portrayal of Mr. Bagman. Photograph by Maggie Grim

Bolio, playing the role of Megan Jones, struggles with her inner conflict between trying to be evil like her mother or accepting of her life as a fun-loving Puff. Photograph by Maggie Grim


Parmer, Daiuto and Mechling on stage holding up a sign as their characters begin to tell the history of the Puffs. Photograph by Maggie Grim


Senior Sophia Wetzel dancing as a Puff. “Being a part of the play was very fulfilling  because it was such a hard play. We took so much time figuring out how we’re going to put it all together because  it was such a fast-paced play and by the end, I think we all felt proud of what we could do together,” said Wetzel. Photograph by Maggie Grim

Sophomore Seth Hecht playing the role of a ghostly history teacher for the Puffs. Photograph by Maggie Grim

Addotta, playing the character of J.Finch Fletchly, expressing his feelings while Hecht’s character responds. At the intermission of the play audience members were asked to vote whether Fletchly was a real person or imaginary. Photograph by Maggie Grim