A.P. U.S. History Students Head to Philadelphia

By Kaylee Martin, Reporter

A.P. U. S. history students went on a field trip to the National Constitution Center and Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia on Nov. 8, 2019.

The trip was a great way for students to learn about the history of many historical sites in Philadelphia. 

AP U.S. History teacher Andy Warren organized this field trip.

Students wait in line to pick up food from one of the restaurants they went to. Photograph Courtesy of Andrew Warren

“Travel represents a powerful way to bring history alive for students,” said Warren. “We live so close to many historical sites that it was important to provide students with the opportunity to explore beyond the classroom. Field trips can also provide students with a chance to step outside their comfort zones and be engaged in history in a unique setting.” 

The students went to many places around the city including the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, National Constitution Center, Philadelphia Art Museum and many more. 

“We seized the opportunity to see the Liberty Bell and pose for a group photo in front of Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed,” said Warren. 

The students also visited Washington Square to see the Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier.

Students explore one of the oldest prisons in America. Photograph Courtesy of Andrew Warren

 “We were transported to Eastern State Penitentiary, where we discovered one of America’s oldest prisons,” Warren said. 

The AP US History students also traveled to many other places around the Philadelphia area, including the King of Prussia Mall, and concluded the day watching Harriet, a movie about escaped slave, abolitionist and Underground Railroad conductor Harriet Tubman.

Many of the students enjoyed going on the trip not just for its fun, but also for how much they really learned from the trip.

Sophomore Maddie Johnson was one of the students who went on the trip.

 “I thought it was very fun,  but at the same time was really educational because of all the things we learned about,” said Johnson. “I also think Mr. Warren did an amazing job with the organizational aspects.”

Sophomore Arianna Wright also went on the trip.

“It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the trip overall,” said Wright.