Students Tour Health Career Opportunities

By Blake Ramey

 28 students took a field trip to Dallastown High School on Nov. 15 to explore health and veterinary career opportunities.

The trip was geared towards students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare or veterinary medicine.

The day started in Dallastown where WellSpan presented information on about 30 different careers in the area of healthcare. 

Students then toured Leader Heights Animal Hospital where careers in the area of veterinary medicine were covered. 

Junior Bri Missouri was intrigued.

“I was excited about what we learned. They did live demonstrations which I found interesting,” said Missouri. 

The trip was led by health and physical education teacher Brett Maxwell.

“The main goal of this trip is to expose interested students to the multitude of career opportunities in the areas of healthcare and veterinary medicine,” said Maxwell. 

Junior Melanie Miller wanted to go on this field trip to further her knowledge about this particular career path. 

“ I am interested in going into the medical field after highschool, but I want to learn to see if it is right for me,” said Miller. “And I hoped to learn more about the medical field and the different options I might have, and we learned a lot about different career paths.”

This was a  hospital demonstration to represent future career paths for nurses and doctors.
Photograph by Bri Missouri
Actors are acting out what a career would look like in the medical field.
Photograph by Bri Missouri