Students Intern in Various Professions

By Tom Driftmyer

18 students are participating in student internships this school year, gaining future job experiences.

Assistant Principal James Sterner is the administrator overseeing the student internship program.

 “Students need to have room in their schedule for their senior year to qualify for an internship,” Sterner said. Students are focusing on professions ranging from elementary education to immigration lawyer internships.

Senior Sarah Ketterman works with her fourth graders at Southern Elementary school.
Photograph Courtesy of Sarah Ketterman

   Senior Sarah Ketterman is doing an internship in elementary education at Southern Elementary School with fourth-grade teacher Amy Pituch. 

 “[I] like [how] all the kids are connected with me, and I feel like I help the kids with homework and helps the kids who don’t have a good social life at school, making them feel like they are welcomed at the school,” said Ketterman. 

She was happy to be given the opportunity by Dr. Kevin Molin to help little kids. 

Senior Annie Hebel works with immigration lawyer Rosian Stambaugh. This helps Annie with real-world immigration lawyer experiences. 

Hebel plans on extending this internship through the school year and has a bunch of opportunities to explore different facets of the job. She also hopes on getting more internships in college.

Hebel is applying to 6 different colleges, aiming for an undergraduate degree for international relations, and hopes to go to law school afterward.