Mini-THON Jump-Starts Fundraising


Pairs wait to see who will get crowned. From top row left to right, bottom row left to right: senior Shane Watson, senior Jasper Rowe, senior Dan Poole, junior Garrian Phanhthy, junior Cody McCredie, senior Cora Dunaja, senior Raili Sormus, junior Hannah Adler, junior Maddy Yoakum, and junior Sarah Ketterman. The Snow King competition is hosted by the Mini-THON club at Susquehannock. Boys from the senior and juniors classes, compete to see who can raise the most money or collect the most canned goods. Each boy places a large decorated cardboard box in the auditorium lobby and anyone from the student body can donate to who they wish. These boys also gather monetary donations that will go towards Mini-THON. Photo by Alex Martuszewski.

By Kaylee Martin, Reporter

Mini-THON has already raised  $3,000 for the Four Diamonds Foundation this school year.

Recently, they got a $400 donation from Sons of Sicily from the pizza party, along with $96.82 donated from October Fun Night.

Past activities this school year raised $1,300, and their goal amount to fundraise during the school year is $2,500.

Senior Livia Hanes stood on the side of the road by Advanced Auto Parts to advertise the car wash to customers last school year.
Photograph by Ian Achterberg

After all the successful events, Mini-THON is starting to think of new ideas for their next fundraiser, according to sophomore Allisyn Walker.

“We are about to start selling sweatshirts soon,” said Walker.

The group is selling black crewneck sweatshirts with gold and white font that say “Be Bold, Go Gold” on the front and “For the Kids” on the back. The sweatshirts are $20 each. Orders are due to Spanish teacher Heather Walker by Nov. 22.

Mini-Thon has also been planning Gold Out basketball games. The girls basketball gold-out game is Friday, Jan. 3, and the boys basketball gold-out game is Friday, Jan. 10. 

They are planning to include the elementary school in fundraising for the Gold Out basketball game by selling sweatshirts there as well.

President of the Mini-THON club, Allison Koller rinses off the suds of soap while others wash the car. Freshman Reagan Czahor washes the front of the car at the same time. She was one of nearly 20 students who worked together to clean many cars on Sep. 29 to raise money for MiniTHON.
Photograph by Ian Achterberg

The Southern Regional Police Department is also doing a fundraiser for Mini-Thon: No-Shave November.

Officer Billy Hanson is participating in the fundraiser to help Mini-Thon increase the money they are collecting.