Two Students Explore Political Science Careers

By Ian Davis, Broadcast Manager

Seniors Amber Brose and Anna Joy took a trip to the York Courthouse to further understand possible careers in political sciences.

 Brose and Joy drove to the Judicial Center on Tuesday, Oct. 29 from 8:15 a.m – 3:15 p.m.

They met with the East York Optimist Club to travel through the Judicial Center and the York County Courthouse to see what they may expect in judicial work.

Students from various York County Schools attend Youth Appreciation Day at the York Courthouse. Photograph courtesy of the EYOptimist Club via Facebook

Each station lasted for a different amount of time depending on what the students were learning about. 

“It felt like a long time,” Brose stated. “Most of them lasted an hour, and I think some of them lasted more than an hour.”

They started their day listening to an attorney who worked in real estate, followed by talking with the York County Commissioners about how their job ties into law.

During this lesson, they learned the importance of the York County Commissioners. 

“They make all of the decisions for the county,” said Brose. “They control the prisons, the county’s budget, and essentially anything to do with the county.”

They learned how the judicial system keeps people from going to jail by rehabbing them to allow them to continue on with their lives.

“We went to the courthouse and watched treatment courts. If people do drugs or have a mental illness, they aren’t sent to jail,” said Joy.  “They try to help them so they don’t have to go to jail because jail costs a lot of money, and it helps people return to their original lives.”

They also had an opportunity to sit in on a hearing about tax evasion.

When they were at the courthouse, they spoke with a civil and a criminal judge about their jobs.

To finish the day, they met part of a  K-9 unit.

There was a total of 9 schools that attended this event.