Band Touches Hearts at Concert

By Raili Sormus, Reporter

Senior Leigha Brown conducts during one of the concert band’s songs.  Susquehannock’s Jazz Band and Concert Band performed at the high school on April 24, 2019 for their Spring Concert. This was their last performance of the year. Junior Emma Burns said, “The concert was really fun.” Photograph by Raili Sormus
Senior Jazz Band singer Ella Wetzel belts it out. Jazz band had a great performance that won all the people’s hearts in the audience. Photograph by Raili Sormus
Band teacher Chris Poole leads the Concert Band as they perform one of their songs. Senior trumpet player Aaron Gibbs said, “During one of the concert band songs ‘How to Train your Dragon,’ I thought we might almost fall apart, but we really recovered because all the hard work we had put in to that.” Photograph by Raili Sormus
Senior Matthew Massmacher plays a solo in Jazz Band. Trumpet player Hayden Roberts said,” My favorite song was definitely Pegasus. It was fun to play.” Photograph by Raili Sormus
The concert included people who came and reminded the audience how amazing is the marching band is with its many talented individuals. Photograph by Raili Sormus
Concert band performed one of their songs. Junior Anna Joy, who plays flute and piccolo in the concert band, said,” There is obviously spots for improvement… ‘How to Train your Dragon’ … we could have worked a little bit more on that song.” Photograph by Raili Sormus
Junior Emma Burns performs in Concert Band. Burns said, “My favorite song was definitely ‘K2’; it was the last song we played. It was just very fun.” Photograph by Raili Sormus
Senior Collin Addotta strums his guitar as the Jazz Band performs one of their songs. There are 10 seniors in the Jazz Band who all enjoyed their last concert. Photograph by Raili Sormus
Seniors Josh Alwine, Aaron Gibbs and Hayden Roberts perform with concert band. Roberts said, “Concert went extremely well. We had a lot of practice time leading up to it.” Photograph by Raili Sormus
All the seniors from the concert are recognized. Concert band has 29 Seniors this year. Photograph by Raili Sormus
Senior Josh Alwine performs with the Jazz Band. Jazz Band played four pieces and the Band had five pieces. Trumpet player Aaron Gibbs offers advice and said, “To the underclassmen people in the band, I would like to say that it seems hard at first. I was there, and you might not like understand everything and all the things first, but you definitely improve over time, and it will be a lot of fun if you stick with it.” Photograph by Raili Sormus