Boys Tennis Takes the Court


Marin Thomas serves a tennis ball at one of the team's practices. Photo by: Michael Daiuto

Abby Paterniti, Reporter

The 2019 boys tennis team has had a slow yet promising start to their season.

The team is both young and full of talent, which should lead to success in the future.

The captains of the varsity team include seniors Alexander Walmer, Christian Collins and Marin Thomas.

So far, Collins believes this season has been tough but enjoyable.

“I would say that thus far, the tennis season has been a very enjoyable time. I definitely enjoy the team dynamic, and I do think that the matches and everything that we do before and after are really cool. Although I am slightly upset whenever practice is canceled, and I don’t think that we’ve had as many practices as we would have liked, my main complaint is that I would like more tennis which I think sums up my thoughts pretty well,” said Collins.

Junior Ian Mcdonald has been playing for the high school team for three years now; he believes the team always rallies together to support one another in the end.

Although the tennis team is 5 – 11 thus far, this year’s season has been “one of the best years we’ve had team bonding wise” said McDonald.

“The underclassman and the upperclassman are all friends, and there isn’t a single person on the tennis team who seems to be singled out of anything,” said McDonald.

Although it is key to include everyone through team bonding, the team hasn’t achieved a complete balance in working together.

“I think that a pretty decent weakness that we have is that sometimes as a team we struggle to work together- especially in doubles, and I do think that as a team we probably need more practice to hone each of our individual skills….,” said Collins.

A few of the team members also believe that the line up may be affecting the outcome of their matches.

“The line ups keep changing,and no one knows who will be playing until the day of the match,” said Walmer.

Unfortunately, the tennis team will lose Walmer, Collins and Thomas next year, but there is said to be little to no impact based on this.

“I really don’t think that  there will be any massive changes because once again we are a very young team and it’s the first year for Marin and I as he’s from France and this is my first year playing tennis, so I think that Alex will probably have the biggest impact,” said Collins.

A few of the players who deserve recognition this year would be Marin Thomas because he

“stepped up and did what he needed to do,” said Walmer

Sophomore Michael Watkins has been playing for only two years and still manages to compete with the varsity players.

Collins believes that his doubles partner,  Walmer, deserves some recognition as well.

“He’s definitely helped me improve my tennis a great deal,” said Collins.

One of the few changes the seniors wish would be made for next year are to “keep the mud off the courts,” said Walmer

So far the tennis team is 4th in the division and still has a long season left. There next game will be April 24th at Hanover High school tennis courts.