Your Spring Fashion 2019 Guide

Lili Teal, Reporter

Get ready for a blast from the past in this season’s fashion.

Jackie from That 70s Show rocks the striped look. Image Courtesy of 80scandles via Tumblr

From hip 70s style jeans and tees to edgy 90s color palettes, spring 2019 trends are making fashion come full-circle.


The latest fashion has been heavily influenced by the 90s, but no one ever thought the 70s trends would come back.


The Long Strange Trip line brings on the nostalgic vibes. Image Courtesy of Dolls Kill via

This spring many fashion brands are bringing back colorful stripes, corduroys and matching fuzzy detailing.  

Dolls Kill, a popular women’s fashion website, features a new line called “Long Strange Trip” that provides the grooviest clothing.


Festivals have been all the rage in the last few years, and so are the themed outfits that go along with them.

These mushrooms provide the color palette for 2019 spring fashion. Image Courtesy of happycottage via Tumblr

This spring, bohemian and earthy vibes are popular due to the festival fever.

Both men and women can rock overalls this season. Image Courtesy of Forever 21 via

Forever 21 offers both men and women’s styles, like trendy overalls for both sexes as well as earth-toned striped t-shirts. 


A new trend this year has risen from the pastel and soft trends from the last few years- meet farmcore and cottagecore.

Emphasizing warm tones and dainty looks, both farm and cottage core fashion is being popularized through social media.


On Instagram, hashtags for this new trend have been gaining momentum with 18000 tags.

Essentially, the looks are inspired by fantasies of cozy cottages in the woods, frogs on toadstools, fawns prancing in meadows and wildflowers in gardens.  

Dainty white blouses and flowers are staples of the cottagecore look. Image Courtesy of sapphena via tumblr

Overalls, dainty white blouses and messy yet nice hair are what really trademark the look.

A little deer peers through a window; this is a scene that inspires the farmcore look. Image Courtesy of happycottage via Tumblr


With the rise of the internet-obsessed generation, it is important to mention another upcoming trend: the e-boy and e-girl fashion.


Due to Instagram and TikTok, this look has appeared out of the blue within the last few weeks.

Staples of the look are black and white stripes, black skirts, fishnets, longer styled men’s hair, colorful streaks in ladies’ hair, ripped jeans and many more “edgy” items.  

Influencers on social media have supported growth of e-generation fashion. Image Courtesy of @toopoor via Instagram

These looks are a new twist on the “emo” and “scene” styles of the early 2000s which were sourced from the original rise of the Internet.

Spring 2019 holds many opportunities for people to express themselves in many trendy and popular ways.  

From 70s-inspired matching outfits to weathered farmcore overalls to black painted nails of the e-generation, there is something for everyone to be a part of this spring.