The Wizard Of Oz: Susquehannock’s Best Play Yet

Abby Paterniti, Reporter

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The “Wizard of Oz” was wickedly entertaining; if you didn’t see this magical play, then you truly missed out on a wonderful performance by the Susquehannock High School theater.

Senior Cora Dunaja played the Wicked Witch of the West for the Emerald Cast in “The Wizard of Oz.” Photograph Courtesy of Susquehannock Theater via Instagram

Director William Jenkins casted a multitude of talented students to perform each show, but the most heartwarming performances had to be the munchkin scenes.

The 25 elementary students who were casted were both adorable and sophisticated; there was never a moment when the audience wasn’t in awe over how talented the young actors were.

Each scene was enchanted with a piece flawlessly played by the Susquehannock Pit Orchestra, directed by Musical Director Scott Kaliszak.

The opening scene, set in the Gale Homestead, Kansas, set the tone of the entire play with the performance of “Over The Rainbow.”

This beautiful and whimsical piece was performed by Dorothy Gale whose role was split among junior Bailey Ryon (Emerald Cast) and junior Sophia Wetzel (Ruby Cast).

Sophia Wetzel was Dorothy Gale for the Ruby Cast in “The Wizard Of Oz.”
Photograph Courtesy of Susquehannock Theater via Instagram

The “Main Four” composed of Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Lion truly embodied the magic of “The Wizard of Oz.”

Their performance was comical, emotional and lighthearted. One of the most rememberable lines said throughout the play was “Now I know I have a heart because it’s breaking” said by the Tinman as Dorothy was leaving Oz.

Although the performance was practically flawless, there were some minor details which could have been approached differently.

The transition between the Gale homestead and the Land of Oz was somewhat dragged out and  confusing if you haven’t seen the movie, and there was a brief period of technical issues which added to the confusion.

Other than a few characters not being able to be heard, a few words misspoken and a three hour performance which was unnecessarily long, the play was a must see.

Seniors who were a part of the play, such as Shane Watson, Dan Poole, Gillian Smyth, Ella Wetzel, Cora Dunaja, Lily Stockbridge, Camryn Brakmann, Matt Sharkey and Raili Sormus, put on their final theater performance with Susquehannock, and this play was most definitely one of their best.

Senior Dan Poole played the Lion for both casts of “The Wizard Of Oz.”
Photograph Courtesy of Susquehannock Theater via Instagram

The “Wizard of Oz” was by far the best performance, selling out it’s first performance and surpassing Mary Poppins ticket sales.

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