Apple’s AirPods Create Hype

Alex Martuszewski, Reporter

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Unless you are a student, parent of a teenager or teacher, you may not know of a new trend showing up with teens.

Apple released a new headphone design in late 2016. After a couple years of no new colors and the same $160 price, people caved.

The wireless earbuds fit into a self devoted charging case that features a magnetic top,  magnets on bottom to secure each AirPod and an LED light that shines green when your AirPods are on a full charge. Screenshot from

This past winter holiday season many people received them as gifts.

Students came back to school in early January this year shocked by the amount of people wearing AirPods in their ears.

Some believe that it is a trend and anyone wearing them is trying to stunt.

Junior Daniel Clapp feels that it is just a trend.

”It’s gone too far because they’ve been out for awhile and they’re just now becoming a trend,” said Clapp.

Apple advertises the AirPods to be some of the most intuitive headphones you can get. They are Siri activated by touch and voice, know when you’re speaking and listening, and can be used to help control your iPhone. Screenshot from

A commonality with the AirPods is that they are all identical- basic white with the same design, no options.

This leaves individuality, brings along problems of people mixing theirs up with others, or even simple theft.

Apple offers different color options for phones; why not their signature headphones?

The most we can do is hope for this in the future.

Junior Harry Pecunes, an AirPod user, believes that they are worth the money due to not having to deal with wires and having sharper and better sound.

Pecunes said, “It would be good for business, so they should release different colors.”

You won’t catch Shiftbauer wearing a pair until a second series comes out.

”They need to cut the cost down to be more affordable, but knowing Apple, they won’t do that until they make an AirPod II,” said Schiffbauer.

The AirPods produce impressive battery statistics. Screenshot from

As for now, we’ll have to wait and see for color options, a lower price, newer generations, and if this trend will fade out.