Why I am Anti-New Year’s Resolution

Stephanie Graffin, Reporter

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For some, a new year is just a change in one number or a time to celebrate with friends and family, but for many people around the world it is a “fresh start” or a time for “new beginnings.”

New Year’s resolutions can range from not biting your nails, to even going back to college to get a degree.

Whether it be a minor or major change one wants to make in their life, a change of a date or year should not be the motivation for someone to better themselves.

Though it is great for people to make goals to improve their lives, a new year should not determine one’s decision to get into shape or quit smoking.

It is rare to see someone follow through with a New Year’s resolution or even reach half the goal they were striving for.

Others may say, “It is easy to track your goals when you start fresh on January first.”

While that may be correct, if someone truly wanted to better themselves or improve their way of living, a simple day of the month will not be a reason for setting their goals.

Gyms across the world are packed for about a week following the start of the new calendar, but by the second or third week of January, it’s already back down to the usual crowd who don’t rely on a date to be healthy.

Most people create a resolution before even thinking deep into the situation or even thinking that they will actually have to make a commitment to wanting an improved lifestyle.

Before considering making a New Year’s resolution or deciding on ways to change your lifestyle, just remember the dedication and hard work behind the desired goal.

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