How to Be More Politically Active in 2019

By Elizabeth Johns, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

With the 2018 midterms behind us and the 2020 elections just around the corner, politicians like Elizabeth Warren are already starting to announce their campaigns for office. Now, more than ever, is the time to become politically active, to step up your game and do even more civil duties than ever before! Here are three ways to be more politically active:

Educate Yourself

Crash Course on Youtube

Taking an American Government crash course online or brushing up on political terms can greatly help your understanding of current events and how they’ll impact you. Often times, when an event in the government takes place, many people don’t understand the terms being used to describe the event, and in turn don’t realize how impactful the change can be on their own lives. Learning how the federal and local government system works can be a huge step in being more politically active.


Voting is one of the best ways to become politically active. Taking the time to learn about

the candidate and what kinds of policies they endorse is a great way to change your local and national political climate. Voting in local and state elections is just as important, if not more important, than voting in national elections.

Though most people don’t believe their vote matters for local elections, if you don’t vote, someone else will- and that could affect you more than you think, with outcomes to decisions that you didn’t support. Local and state elections, most times, affect citizens the most, since local rules and regulations differ the most between areas.

Get Involved

Whether it’s through online activism on social media or attending town hall meetings, actually putting your thoughts out there and discussing them with others can be a great way to share ideas and become a better citizen.

Attend local town halls and rallies for a candidate to show your support. Keeping on top of current events and reading a local and national newspaper or newsite daily can keep you up to date with new events. Going out on the campaign trail or joining a local campaign office is also a good step in the right direction.


Even if you don’t take all of these suggestions, taking steps to be more active in the government and your community can help anyone immensely. Learning more about the world around you can help appreciate the liberties you have been given.