Robo-Warriors Partake in First Competition

Susquehannock Robotics Club Begins Their Season With a Scrimmage

By Carson Williams, Reporter

The robotics team, the Robo-Warriors, had their first scrimmage against Fractured Critical on Thursday, Dec. 13.

They faced off with the middle school robotics club, competing in the Engineer By Design classroom.

These competitions are not the usual gritty matches that are seen in the more headlined sports like football, but rather a display of what each team has accomplished with their robots.

The scrimmage began with the two groups preparing their robots and controls so that it is ready to perform.

Once everything was calibrated, each club performed some skills, like extending the robot’s arm to attach to a “home-base” and lift itself above the ground.

Junior Matt Speir watches his team’s robot attempt to complete the tasks set for the scrimmage.
Photograph By Carson Williams.

The robots were also able to gather objects from around the regulation field built by the robotics club.

The opposing team, FracturedCritical, controls their design to gather wiffle balls in the field.
Photograph by Carson Williams.

The team is constantly getting closer to perfect these skills, sophomore John Shelley said, “As we keep working on it (the robot), we get more and more confident in our design, its looking better for the next competition.” 

Unfortunately, both teams had a few members unable to attend the scrimmage, but the Robo-Warriors made the best out of it and gained a couple extra hours of experience navigating their machines.

Their adviser, Mr. Rayburn, is certainly satisfied with how the season is going and the progress they have made. 

“They’re right on track.  They have a plan and they’re executing it, they have a calendar laid out of what they want to do with the robots and are doing it,” said Rayburn. 

Eventually, when the more intense competitions occur, four teams from different schools will face off on the field and use their robots, controlled by Logitech technology, to gather as many points as they can by using the robot’s arm to collect wiffle balls and place them in the center of the field.

Until then, the Robo-Warriors continuously make improvements to their creation and prepare to go head to head with some tougher competition.