A Day in the Life of an Accountant

By Trevor Leuba, News Editor

When most people hear the word accountant, they tend to think of a nerdy guy hunched over in a cubicle, surrounded by spreadsheets, staring at a computer.

After spending my day at RKL, a local  accounting firm, I learned that this stereotype is far from the truth.

When I first walked into the firm, I admit my expectations were very similar to the stereotypes I had built in my head.

I was greeted by the receptionist and ushered into a conference room past rows of cubicles; it was not looking good so far.

My seat was at a table with three other kids- two from York Suburban, one from Spring Grove.

Once we started the presentation, my expectations faded away.

I was met with very outgoing and energetic personalities that seemed to take charge of the room.

Instead of sitting behind a desk all day, more often than not, accountants are out in the field helping their clients.

Accountants are actually very personable because of all the interaction they have to do on a daily basis.

At the firm, we did activities involving budgeting, personality tests and a question and answer session.

However, I did not like the activities because they did not mirror what accountants really do.

The question and answer session was the most interesting part of the day because we got to learn more about what accountants do and how they help people.

Opposed to just entering numbers into a computer all day, accountants are big picture problem solvers.

Accountants work hard with 50-60 hour work weeks, but this made up for with an average salary above $100 thousand.

My biggest takeaway from the experience was that accountants are not as dull as people make them out to be, and they have a very viable job.

At the end of the day, the job is about solving problems and working with people from all over.