When is the Right Time for Christmas?

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When is the Right Time for Christmas?

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Photo by Getty Images

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Abby Paterniti, Reporter

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Christmas is right around the corner. Although some people are willing to celebrate this holiday the day after Halloween, others like to enjoy the holiday after Thanksgiving.

The controversial argument regarding the right time to start celebrating Christmas is one which arises around Halloween- in some places you could see a Christmas tree standing in someone’s living room as you are trick-or-treating.

Even some radio stations, such as Warm 103.3, started playing Christmas music on Nov. 1, which junior Billy Lochte waits to partake in.

“If I ever do [listen to Christmas music] it’s after Thanksgiving, but I don’t ever put it on myself,” said Lochte.

Major stores such as Walmart and Target started selling their Christmas decorations before the Halloween season began.

This still does not answer when is the  perfect time to string up Christmas lights and bring out your ugly Christmas sweaters.

In some cases, such as Lochte’s, the Christmas season does not need to be rushed.

“I don’t actually care, but I know others do- so I don’t like it,’ said Lochte.

Then there are students, such as juniors Morgan Wright, Charlotte Lemmon, and Meghan Eagan, who are extremely excited when the Christmas season is near.

Eagan even has a child-like love for the winter weather.

“The individual snowflakes and all their sparkly sparkles are very pretty and I love it,” said Eagan.

Overall, Wright could have the most Christmas spirit of all.

“Christmas is the best time of the year because you can give and have a great time with family and friends,” said Wright.

Although Eagan, Lemmon and Wright enjoy the Christmas spirit, they all agreed that you should not rush the Christmas season.

Junior Olivia Deffendall believes there is a set, appropriate time for decorating.

“Before Thanksgiving is too early because it drags out the Christmas season and then you are tired of it by the time Christmas starts,” said Deffendall.

It ultimately comes down to personal preference for when to decorate for the holidays, so don’t let other opinions stop you from keeping your Christmas lights up all year long-or from waiting to put them up. 

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