Update: Eckels Qualifies for Next Round of Championships


Mia Eckels placed second in the 2019 South Atlantic Regional Championships (pictured top left). Photo courtesy Mia Eckels.

Susky figure skating superstar Mia Eckels is moving on to the 2019 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating Championships in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

This competition is just one of the few other steps she needs to complete to qualify for the Winter Olympics.

Eckels will be upping her game this time around and is planning big things for this upcoming event.

Mia has been skating for six years. Photo courtesy of Mia Eckels

“I am working on gaining another triple jump for this competition to make my score even higher and myself stronger than the rest of my competitors, so I can move on to Nationals, which would be the final step in the series of competitions,” said Eckels. “I have to place top four at Sectionals if I will move onto Nationals.”

The Championships will take place on Nov. 13, 2018.