Football Beats Eastern York at Homecoming

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Football Beats Eastern York at Homecoming

Alex Martuszewski, Reporter

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The  football team recently beat the Eastern York Knights in a nail-biter. Fourth quarter ended with one last throw from the Knights, a few yards away from the goal line, while the score remained 43-42 Susquehannock.

As the last few seconds expired, the stadium erupted in cheers. With a couple of referees calling ‘No Good,’ the Susky sideline exploded in happy excitement.

The Warrior student section was full and excited on 10/13 for the annual homecoming game. Photo by Alex Martuszewski

The victory was not just rewarding for the players and coaches; it was the homecoming game.

Junior Allen Clapp and junior Cole Weigard celebrate as the clock runs out during the fourth quarter. Photo  by Alex Martuszewski

Starting kicker Senior Dustin Shipley has been playing for eight years. “Well, it kicks off the beginning of the weekend and makes everyone feel good. Especially if you get a W,” said Shipley

Last year’s homecoming game also ended in a one point game with the Warriors defeating the West York Bulldogs 29-28.

Asset fullback junior Daniel Clapp has been out for two games. Despite this, Clapp shouted out a couple teammates, reminding us that football is a team sport, and one player doesn’t define the outcome.

“I don’t think it was a huge impact that I was gone because Mike Staub and Allen Clapp both had an amazing night against Eastern,” said Clapp.

Sophmore Mike Stuab (27) tackles Eastern York’s senior Bryce Hensie (1). Photo by Alex Martuszewski

It is evident that injuries have impacted the Susky roster and  attributed to their 2-6 record.

Daniel Clapp stays supportive on the sideline while injured. Photo by Alex Martuszewski

“A lot of injuries; each week someone is sitting out,” said Shipley. ”We had a rough patch in the beginning. We played a lot of great teams.”

Also, the team played more of their harder matchups at the start of the season, which attributed to more injuries.

Going from YAIAA Division II Champions to a 2-6 season is a sorrowful thought. The team lost a large senior class and needs more authoritative figures other than a few coaches.

“Kenny Rhyne stepped up and showed lots of leadership. Everybody seems to listen to him in practice.” said Shipley.

Rhyne (right) likely talking about routes with junior receiver, Connor Kernan(left). Photo  by Alex Martuszewski

Clapp recognizes the large 2020 junior class and acknowledged some help from them on leading the team.

“I think a lot of us as a team are just starting to hold each other accountable. Also, I think some of us juniors have started to show leadership in the team along with the seniors,” said Clapp.

The team looks to build off this year and grow with a heavy junior class.

Warriors huddle after shaking hands with the Knights. Photo by Alex Martuszewski