Grades Compete in Hallway Decorating Competition


The "Seaniors" won the hallway decorating competition as well as the class competition. Photo by Mia Kobylski.

By Mia Kobylski, Editor-in-Chief

Homecoming spirit week was different this year with the addition of a class competition solely based on participation.

The different events included: varsity sports turnout, spiritwear and mural designing.

However, the most talked about section of the competition was hallway decorating.

Each grade was tasked with voting on a theme, and Class Council organized the decorating teams.

Sophomores were “out of this world” during spirit week. Photo by Mia Kobylski.

Freshmen picked school colors, sophomores chose outer space, juniors decided on carnival and seniors went all out with “Under the Sea.”

The senior class of 2019 won the class competition for the second year in a row, mostly due to their win in the hallway decorating portion, worth 200 points.

Senior Michael Boampong helped decorate the hallway and loved seeing everyone’s creative ideas be pulled together for the win.

“We’re winners. We’re seniors. Obviously we had to win, and since I was there, I had to make sure we won, because I love winning,” said Boampong.

Senior Chris Stem found his name swimming though the senior hallway. Photo by Mia Kobylski.

However, the hallway-happenings didn’t come without drama.

On the Friday before the long weekend, the juniors decorated portions of their hallway, but the janitors mistakenly took down the decorations.

Junior representative Maddie Marzullo put in lots of time outside of class and was disappointed when her hard work didn’t pay off.

“Well a lot of people just really didn’t work on it afterwards. We came in one day, and we were just planning on doing a carnival-like theme…but we started doing it after they had already judged,” said Marzullo. “I was confused at first, a lot of people came up to me were like, ‘What happened to the hallway?’”

Freshman representative Tyler Elliot was proud that her class was able to prove themselves and place second in the competition.

“It was really nice because we’re new to the school, so being able to come so close to the seniors was really special… If we beat the other classes then maybe people wouldn’t ‘boo’ us and stuff like that,” said Elliot.

Freshmen went all out in the main downstairs hallway by putting balloons across the library entrance. Photo by Mia Kobylski.

Keep a lookout for other class council events such as prom, t-shirt sales and spirit week participation throughout the school year.