I am Jealous, Americans

Raili Sormus, Reporter

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Learning English is not something easy. To be honest, I am jealous because you do not have to struggle. 

In Estonia, we start learning English when we are nine years old.

In the beginning, we start learning simple words like car, house, sun, etc.

In Estonian, it is as simple as what you hear is what you write. But, in English, it is different.

The most I struggle with is English grammar. English grammar does not make any sense for me. English is hard, but I am glad that I can be here to study this from you all.

In language day you could hear a lot of different languages. Picture World Languages and Literature via Twitter

Sept. 21 was language day. This means that you could hear all kinds of languages in classes.

The primary languages were French and Spanish because you can study those languages here.

Students feel what it is like if you can not speak or understand the language that other people speak around you.

Senior Rachael Scott has been studying Spanish for three years.

“The structure of the sentences and the grammar are challenging], also trying to conjugate verbs on the spot is difficult,” said Scott.


Senior Kate Cramer is studying Spanish for her fourth year.

” Trying to process the other language when another is fluent in speaking can sometimes be really hard,” said Cramer.

The Susquehannock High School students enjoyed the language day.

“I think it was very cool to see how hard it is for people who don’t speak the same language as you and it was cool to try and learn some of their languages,” Kelbaugh said.

 The language day was not just limited to the school’s room.

“I think it is a cool way to demonstrate a simulation to students. While I was not here for the day since I had a college visit, I had to speak all in Spanish for half of my Saturday to my family. It was sometimes frustrating, but overall an enlightening experience,” Cramer said.

I asked students, “What language would you like to learn?” The most popular answer was Germany. Image World Languages and Literature via Twitter


Language day brought lots of laughs and funny moments. For me, it was really funny when in school I was talking to my host-brother in Estonian. His answers were as he can understand me, and a lot of people in our class thought that he can speak Estonian.

Humor was also found by Kelbaugh.

 “I have had some fun moments in class. We joke around with our teacher a lot and have a good time…,”  Kelbaugh said.

Student families also had fun with the experience.

 “With my family, they were trying their best to understand me, and I am fortunate that my sister could translate some of my words since she is in Spanish 2, but there were some funny interpretations of what I was trying to say,” said Kramer.


Susquehannock High School students, overall, were not discouraged by this experience.

I could see myself going to a country where they don’t speak my language because I want to travel,” Kelbaugh said.

Cramer is psyched to to travel.

 “I have a terrible case of the travel bug. I will travel anywhere and everywhere in the world in order to see what I want to see, regardless of the language barrier,” Cramer said.

You guys are lucky that you do not have to struggle with English, but it also is fun to learn some other language. Image AST via Twitter


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