Students Show Susky Spirit

Abby Paterniti, Reporter

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Senior Megan Smith celebrates Tuesday, Oct. 9´s spirit day by wearing a black and white flannel. As the day came to an end, her energy for getting through the day has slowly diminished.

Photo by Abby Paterniti

Junior Kayla Ellison poses for her shot during tenth period. Her cheerful spirit enlightens the class and ends the flannel day on a good note.

Photo by Abby Paterniti

Junior Livia Haines (left), Ruppert (center), and junior Emma Williams (right) took part in spirit day their own way and wore matching head to toe flannel outfits to show their school spirit.

Photo Courtesy of Emma Williams

Senior Jojo Stewart and junior Chase Watkin take on U.S.A. day by showing off their American Pride. The couple walked into school together,  showing everyone what it means to show their school spirit.

Photo Courtesy of Jojo Stewart

Sophomore Jules Trupia and junior Emma Williams share their clout with the entire school. From the star socks to the red white and blue headbands, Trupia and Williams take on U.S.A. day to the extreme.

Photo Courtesy of Jules Trupia

Senior Megan Smith went into Wednesday’s spirit day asking the question, ¨How American can you get?¨ Smiths’ stars and stripes socks were embraced by American Classic All Star Converse.

Photo by Abby Paterniti

Junior Sarah Ketterman showed her spirit by wearing a stars and stripes shirt.  Ketterman decided to show her U.S.A. pride and school spirit by wearing a shirt which resembles the American flag on Thursday, Oct. 11.

Photo credit by Abby Paterniti

Junior Livia Haines and junior Emma Williams once again show their school spirit by matching red and white outfits. Haines and Williams celebrate the final spirit day on Friday, October 12 by wearing matching red and white outfits. From the white tutus to the red headbands, Haines and Williams once again show the school what it means to have school spirit.

Photo Courtesy of Emma Williams

Junior Morgan Wright celebrates Friday’s spirit day by showing off this year’s homecoming shirt. While Wright waited in the lunch line, she exchanged some laughs with junior John Kroh. Both Kroh and Wright were expressing their school pride by wearing red and white.

Photo Courtesy of Abby Paterniti

Junior Megan Eagan rocked a white on white combo with a red jacket on Friday, Oct. 12’s spirit day. Although math is just another obstacle in Eagan´s day, she still found a way to show her school spirit for this year’s Homecoming.



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