Welcome to Chess Club

By Michael Daiuto, Reporter


Two chess matches go on in the library. The chess club meets every Tuesday after school from 2:45 to 4, and is open to anyone interested. Photo by Michael Daiuto. 
Nate Binko and Owen Mechling shake hands after a chess match. Binko said, “My favorite part about having a chess club is just the bond that I have with other people that like to play chess.” Photo by Michael Daiuto.
Nate Binko observes the board before his next turn. “I just like all the strategies and how many different moves there are,” said Binko. “There are just so many ways you can defeat your opponent.” Photo by Michael Daiuto.
School Librarian Kayse Corrieri watches a match taking place. She feels like chess club is doing a great job. Corrieri said, “I think that they’re quite happy with things just being simple, you know? It’s just we come, we play every Tuesday, it’s done.” Photo by Michael Daiuto.
Owen Mechling moves a piece during his turn. Mechling said, “When I transferred here from my old school, I did a thing called quiz bowl… and I thought chess club would be kind of like that. I just felt like the same type of people would be in the club that I’d like to hang out with.” Photo by Michael Daiuto.
Christian Collins enjoys his match against Nate Binko. There are about seven or eight people that have signed up to be involved with the club. Photo by Michael Daiuto.
There are currently three chess sets in the library, available during club hours as well as when the library is open. Binko said, “If you do not know how to play chess, either me or some other person involved with chess club will happily teach you how to play chess.” Photo by Michael Daiuto.
Mechling studies a chess strategy on his chromebook. The club is a very relaxed environment that is enjoyable to everyone that is participating in it. Photo by Michael Daiuto.
Nate Binko playing a game of chess. Binko has a two main goals for the club. “Mainly just getting more people… but also probably trying to just have fun.” Photo by Michael Daiuto.
Members of the chess club gather around a board during a game. Kayse Corrieri wanted to provide activities for students that come into the library. Corrieri said, “We try to limit it to games that are active mind games.”Photo by Michael Daiuto.
Nate Binko looking at his pieces on his turn. Binko is the President of the club. “When David left for France, I was questioning if there was even going to be a chess club,” said Binko. “But luckily there still was. And I took the opportunity to become President.” Photo by Michael Daiuto.
A chess match nearing its end. Even though it is Owen Mechling’s first year, he has already found his favorite aspect of the club. Mechling said, “Probably just playing the game, and making cool moves that make you think.”Photo by Michael Daiuto.
President Nate Binko watches a match between Owen Mechling and Christian Collins. While you can learn how to play chess from being in the club, the app and website: https://www.playmagnus.com/magnus-trainer, Magnus Trainer, featuring one of the world’s best chess players, Magnus Carlsen, can help you get started. Photo by Michael Daiuto.
Luke Broadaway and Nate Binko face off during the club. Every meeting the members get to play multiple matches and can battle different people every time. Photo by Michael Daiuto.
A chess board during a match. This is the clubs second year, and they hope to continue it in the future. Corrieri said, “I think they’re quite happy having eight or ten [people] and they get better each week and play different people. Maybe they would want to compete against a different school sometime, I don’t know, but we’re not there yet.” Photo by Michael Daiuto.