Singer Troye Sivan Takes Root in New Album: Bloom

By Ryan Hartley, Photography Editor

The newest album from singer Troye Sivan, Bloom, is a trend-setting, new look at modern pop music that transcends the many different styles seen in music today.

After debuting on the studio album scene back in 2015 with his first project, Blue Neighborhood, Sivan is exploring new sounds and tones with Bloom.

Santiago & Mauricio
Troye Sivan for the cover of OUT magazine.

Sivan’s latest album mirrors some of the messages of his first, but with this project, he is attempting to show his audience that he has grown up over the years and continues to mature each day.

Bloom blends electronic and acoustic sounds seamlessly to create a cohesive sound that flows through different tempos, vocal ranges and tones.

Only featuring two other artists on the album, Ariana Grande and Gordi, Sivan shows his ability to create a full-bodied piece of work that feels like a story from beginning to end.

The album begins with “Seventeen,” an anthem about the concept of young love.

The hopeful, inviting lyrics include, “I went out looking for love when I was seventeen. ‘Might be a little too young, but it was real to me.”

Jacob Bixenman
Troye Sivan for the cover of his single, “Animal”.


Sivan is a known LGBTQ+ activist and gay male himself.

His work in music has assisted in enhancing the lives of many.

He often creates music that contains content relatable to younger members of the LGBTQ+ community, talking about his own experience being a younger gay male in today’s society; “Seventeen” proves to be the perfect example of this.

Up next is My My My!, arguably the most pop-centric pre-released single of the album.  

The song’s fun, electronic beats were the first to be heard from this project and still continue to be a fan favorite.

It’s not long before Sivan switches the focus from pop, electronic tones to a blend of acoustic, vocal-centric ballads with the third song from the album, ”The Good Side.”

This song shows Sivan’s more vulnerable side and features an intense, powerful burst of sound that reflects the sentimental type of emotion poured into the lyricism of the song.

Towards the center of the album, the only two tracks that contain features of other artists, Ariana Grande and Gordi, add more dance tones with “Dance to This” and “Postcard”.

The latter of the two comes first and arguably features Sivan’s most impressive, emotional vocals of the entire project.

Dance to This, a chill, pop tune featuring vocalist Ariana Grande, is one of the more successful pre-released singles from the album that listeners get to see how Sivan and Grande’s voices can blend together over a fun, inviting production.

Jacob Bixenman
Troye Sivan for the cover of his new album, Bloom.


The next few songs, like “What a Heavenly Way to Die”, “Plum”, and “Lucky Strike,” all encompass Sivan’s message for the album and perfectly lead up into his final track, “Animal.”

The final song of Bloom, “Animal,” is a fiery, explosive ballad that sends the listener into an outer space experience with sounds reminiscent of the stars and an atmosphere that finishes the album in a large, powerful way, leaving listeners with a sense of completion and closure.

The album debuted at number four on the US Billboard 200, an organization that rates the success of commercial records based on album release sales and acclaim.

It reached near 60,000 physical album sales at its release, making it the highest-charting release and best sales week to date on the Billboard 200. (All info taken from Billboard itself)

The album is a source of liberation for Sivan, as he struts and works through flowers and dresses in the videos related to the project and has fiery performances on his album tour, Bloom.


The album is available to stream on Apple iTunes, Spotify and for purchase as a hard copy wherever music is sold.