Students and Staff Take Shots at Mental Health Awareness

Alex Miller

By Elizabeth Johns, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Aevidum hosts the third annual students vs. staff basketball game.

The event features juniors and senior studentts versus twelve members of the faculty competing against each other to win the title.

Faculty players include: Kevin Molin, Brett Maxwell, Andrew Warren, Andy Shelow, Heather Schoemaker, Kirstin Blass, Kellin Mccullough, Frank Posner, Sara Mooney, Wade Bowers, Caleb Walls and Jeremy Sechrist.

Aevidum is raising money to raise awareness for mental illness and mental health in the school.

Student tickets are $2, and adult ticketsare $2. The event will take place on Saturday, Sept. 22 in the auxiliary gym at 7 p.m.