Students Search for Halloween Costumes

Kylee Galante, Reporter

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It’s about that time of the season where spooky costumes take over the streets. Whether you like going solo, with a crew, or your pooch, Walmart has some costumes for you.

If you’re a fan of dinosaurs,  then this inflatable dinosaur costume is perfect; however, not only can you be a dino, your furry friend can as well.

There are matching Halloween costumes for you and your pooch- Dino Costumes. Photo by Kylee Galante

Maybe you are more into being a frat boy this Halloween, like junior Morgan Farace plans.

“I’m gonna be a frat boy because It gives me a chance to wear something I’m not used to and get out of my comfort zone,” said Farace.

Maybe you have a passion for food, if so, then there is a hotdog costume for you and your pooch to tackle the streets with.

Another option for canine-human duos- matching hot dog costumes. Photo by Kylee Galante

Another costume idea you could use is an athlete, which is exactly what Desiree Toms-Witmer plans to be.

“I plan to be an athlete this Halloween because they’re cool and they do stuff,” said Toms-Witmer.

If you’re a fan of superheroes, then you and your doggo can go around as a Batman duo.

Batman costumes for you and your doggo are also options. Photo by Kylee Galante

Senior Breanna Kaiser seeks inspiration from her own future.

“This Halloween I’m gonna be a nurse Because that’s what I plan to do in college,” said Kaiser.

Whatever you choose to be this Halloween, have fun, and keep it creative.

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