The New Age of Fashion

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The New Age of Fashion

Lili Teal, Reporter

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The world of fashion evolves everyday.

Vintage, alternative and streetwear styles of 2018 give new dimensions to the teen identity.

History repeats itself, and looks from the 60s to the 90s are some of the hottest trends of this time.

Thrift stores are better than ever with mom jeans and sports jackets.

Senior Megan Brose is a new fan of thrifting and a strong advocate for it.

Megan Brose’s thrifted mom jeans and yellow sweater show her vintage eye. (Photo by Lili Teal)

She is inspired by different influencers on Instagram and Youtube.

“The act of thrifting is like an art,” said Brose. “Putting outfits together that look vintage but new is fun…it’s new yet old at the same time.”

Eighties goth is back with platform shoes and studded belts.

Senior Alyssa Stranathan describes her style as “some kind of weird goth-farm mix” with do-it-yourself pieces.

“I’d like to see more people stray from name-brand based purchases,” said Stranathan. “People should focus more on what suits them as a being instead of what costs more.”

DIY is an up-and-coming trend but is seen in the cropped t-shirts and jeans of Instagram.

Stranathan loves the earthiness but also extravagance of the trend; she’s often pairing the two together.

Alyssa Stranathan shows off her black creepers and hand-painted flannel. (Photo by Lili Teal)

Breaking gender boundaries towards a more androgynous world is what fashion is creeping towards as well.

Stranathan would love to see “feminine men’s clothing… and masculine women’s clothing, too.”

Another aspect of today’s fashion is streetwear.

High end designers are mixing together with skate brands to create personalized outfits.  

Junior Spencer Beran advocates for individuality.

“Fashion today is a lot different than before because everyone would follow one sort of direction, but today we have tons of different things,” said Beran. “…people are spending more money for Off-White which has real artwork behind it instead of Supreme which is just a graphic printed tee”


Junior Spencer Beran pairs his Off-White belt with a graphic tee and flannel to give a comfortable streetwear look. (Photo by Lili Teal)

It’s not so much the brands but the meaning behind the clothing, like the artist and time put into it.

“When someone has something that they like and something that makes everyone stand out,” said Beran. “…it’ll give everyone a lot more confidence instead of everyone buying the same t-shirt.”

Some describe this as “hypebeast” which means just following trends that are the latest “hype.”

But generally all trends, not just streetwear, can be described as hypebeast.

However, the best fashion is what compliments your personality and who you identify as.  

Acceptance is key.  Wear what makes you comfortable in your skin.  

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