Homecoming Prep: The 411

Abby Paterniti, Reporter

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   Although it may not feel like it, homecoming (hoco) is right around the corner, and students need to prepare for this year’s dance.                                                                                                                                                      

    Important information:

When: October 13

Where: Susquehannock High School, Main Gym

Time: 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Theme: The Great Gatsby

Ticket Price: $15 per ticket

   When should I start buying my hoco attire?

   Female Attire

With my own past experiences, I found that it is always best to start looking for the perfect dress at least 4 weeks before the dance. Avoid starting the search right before the dance because most stores start running low on good options, and the prices on dresses tend to be raised the closer to homecoming season you get. Although the price of your dress may matter, what you should keep in mind is whether or not what you are wearing suits your style and personality. Junior Taina Cajigas stressed the importance of being comfortable as an individual. “Girls should be able to dress how they want and feel how ever they want,” said Cajigas. Of course the dress code and modesty should be kept in mind while finding the right dress.         

   Where is the best place to shop?

  Technically, there is no best place to shop for a dress, but there are a few stores you may not think of looking in.

  JCP: Although JCP is not looked at as a spot for quality hoco dress, they have a wide selection for all styles of dresses that you may be looking for. The online selection starts at $69 to $150. In-store prices may vary, they may not carry the exact dress you are looking for, but they do sell dresses made with quality materials.

Davids Bridal: David’s Bridal is not just a wedding dress shop; they also make unique dresses for parties or Hoco. Currently, David’s Bridal is having an online sale for up to 75% off, so dresses which are normally $99 are now $30. Also, in some situations, David’s Bridal will need to order the dress you want, which may take a few weeks. If you are serious about homecoming, then David’s Bridal could be a perfect place to find your dress.

Burlington: Burlington is another store where you wouldn’t expect to find a hoco dress. Burlington is a store with great prices and finds. Never underestimate the under-credited stores.  

 Mens Attire:

          Dressing yourself the way you express yourself also applies to the men; make yourself feel comfortable in what you wear. Of course, with the idea of comfortable dress, a t-shirt and khaki shorts may come to mind, but they may not be the best decision for this event, especially if your date expects you to match. You do not necessarily need to overdress either; a nice button down shirt, tie/bowtie, dress pants and dress shoes is all you need. Waiting until the last minute to find your attire should also be avoided; if you are looking into wearing a suit, then you should give yourself a month to make sure everything fits perfectly.

  Where is the best place to shop?

 Again, technically there is not a best place to shop; always shop according to your budget. Here are some examples of places where you could find your attire for Hoco.

  JCP: JCP has a large variety of dress shirts, dress pants, ties, socks and shoes at low prices, which could be an easy and affordable choice, if that is what you’re looking for.

Davids Bridal: If you are looking to dress up to impress your date or be the best looking out of your friends, then a suit or tux from David’s Bridal could be the place for you. If you are interested in David’s Bridal, then make an appointment to get your sizes measured now, or you may not get your order before the dance.

  What should you expect?

Student council member junior Annie Hebel sees the event as an escape from the norm.“Homecoming is a great excuse to forget the stress of school for a night and relax and have a great time with friends,” said Hebel. Homecoming is a great experience for all students, including freshmen since it is their first time experiencing a high school dance. Hebel said, “Freshmen should expect to have a great night! There will be a photo booth, light refreshments, gorgeous decorations, and, of course, lots of dancing.” 

Cajigas feels the event is worth attending, even as a freshman. “…this is their first real school dance. It really gives them a feel of what to expect at future events,” said Cajigas. 

  Date night or party with friends?

Whether or not you decide to ask someone to the dance or go with a group of friends, homecoming night is meant for everyone to have fun. If you do seek to ask someone to the dance, make sure you ask at least 2 weeks before the dance. You never want to ask the day before because you never know if the person you want to ask was planning on going or not. Overall, if you go with a date, with friends or alone, make sure you have a night filled music and dancing to make great memories.

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