Experiencing ‘Dog Day in the Park’

By Alex Martuszewski, Reporter

Temperatures reached up to 82 degrees Fahrenheit on August 25 at the Mutt Strut. Dogs were in strollers, wagons and backs of police cars. Signs offering free water abounded. Senior Abby Grim said, “Yeah, that’d be smart for the dogs because they’d be thirsty.” Photo by Alex Martuszewski.

Two young siblings were seen with their pet Great Dane Otis, which is as big as them. Otis, pictured to the left,  was one of the largest dogs at the event. He received attention from countless people. Many come just to admire the different types of canines, such as junior Gavin Held. “I love to come and see all the different types of dogs and breeds,” said Held.  Photo by Alex Martuszewski.




Pictured below, a young boy directs his small, terrier mix friend into an inflatable pool for dogs at the event to cool off.   Whether people attended for entertainment, freebies or charity,  senior Abby Grim came with her family for one clear reason. “It’s a good chance for dogs to find homes, especially the organization [Animal Rescue League] we’re involved in. It was a great opportunity to show the dogs, so people could put in applications,” said Grim.  Photo  by Alex Martuszewski.

Photo by Alex Martuszewski
Held and Grim were seen at the New Freedom Dog Day in the Park, 25/8. Gavin has been coming for a few years, and one of his favorite parts is “to see all the dogs and see people from the community.”  Photo by Alex Martuszewski.

A large hexagon area was fenced off. Inside was a long cable in the shape of another, smaller hexagon. This cable was pulled between pulleys bya motor that could maneuver the metal cable either clockwise or counterclockwise at various speeds. A plastic bag was attached to the wire for the dogs to chase.      Photo by Alex Martuszewski.