Susquehannock Welcomes New Science Teacher


Photo by: Alexandra Marusko

Younkin conducted research on dairy science, white nose syndrome with bats, and other topics.

By Alexandra Marusko, Social Media Editor

Susquehannock has welcomed Kerri Younkin as a new biology teacher this year.

Younkin teaches AP Bio and academic Biology.

Prior to teaching at Susquehannock, Younkin conducted research for dairy science, worked in cave systems with bats, engaged in educational research, and wrote curricula.

“I was at Towson University for three years, I was at Harford Community College for ten years,” said Younkin.“I taught for five years in high school, four years in Baltimore county, one year in Carroll county, and then I taught for three years in a small Lutheran School in Baltimore county.”

One of the items that students have taken a liking to in Younkin’s room are her small amphibians.

“They’re axolotls and they have been very popular with the students,” said Younkin,”A lot of people have stopped by and they have been curious about them, so if people want to stop in and see how they’re doing they’re welcome to.”

Younkin hopes see can see her students grow during her time with them this year.

“(I want them) to grow. I would like to see each of them grow in the subject area, but most importantly I would like to see them grow as people,” said Younkin.

Younkin’s two sons graduated from Susquehannock, including last year’s valedictorian Erik Younkin.

Younkin explains how working in Susquehannock is different from her previous jobs.

“That’s been a little interesting because I’ve never worked at a place that my kids have been,” said Younkin.“So I came in as a parent first, and now as a teacher. So that’s something that is different all around, and I’ve known some of the teachers as a parent. I think one of the things that drew me to the school was that I was already impressed with the school and the district based off the experiences that my kids had. And so getting selected to be a part of that team of teachers and being a part of the district professionally has been quite an honor for me, and I’m super excited to be here and do that.”