Review: Why ‘Skyscraper’ Flopped at the Box Office

By Blake Ramey

A Skyscraper poster showing the mega tower featured in the movie. via @TheRock

Despite the movie possessing the one and only Dwayne ´The Rock’ Johnson, Skyscraper was just another summer popcorn movie starring the former wrestler scaling a skyscraper with a prosthetic leg and inevitably flopping at the box office.

Character development was a weak spot when Johnson’s best friend in the movie, Ben, who is played by actor Ben Schreiber, was killed within the first 45 minutes of the film.

The acting was poor, and the relationships between characters did not sell or feel genuine. For example, Johnson’s wife who is played by actress Neve Campbell did not feel authentic in the romantic scenes with Johnson’s character Will Sawyer.

Throughout the movie, there was no plot development. The stories were rushed and were not built up when there was serious potential.

There were many plot holes and unanswered questions nearing the end of the movie. A wave of confusion washed over the audience.

Though the movie had phenomenal action scenes, they were too far-fetched. For example, Johnson’s character, Will Sawyer jumps 25 feet from a crane and latches onto the ledge of a skyscraper, despite being stabbed and having a prosthetic leg.

Overall, without the superstar presence of Dwayne Johnson, Skyscraper would have been a huge failure and just another exaggerated action film.