How to Thank our Veterans

By Julia Kelbaugh, Reporter

Everyone should thank active and retired members of the military not just on Memorial Day, but everyday.

Even if your act of kindness is just saying the words thank you, giving them a small gift, offering to do some cleaning or yard work or just being a kind person to soldiers.

Another idea of how people can show their gratitude is to go to a memorial or graveyard and reflect on the amount of lives lost.

Setting flowers on a grave of a fallen soldier or sending flowers to a neighbor who has lost someone would be kind gestures as well.

There are currently 1.3 million men and women actively enlisted in the military, and more than 800,000 reservists who you can make an impact on.

People in America owe retired or active soldiers and their families a thank you for their service and what they have sacrificed for the safety of America.

Many soldiers have given up seeing their families for long periods of time, sometimes end up with mental or physical limitations after serving our country.

Over one million soldiers have died during war times in United States’ history, and they should be honored on Memorial Day.

There are many ways to help, honor, and thank soldiers, but it is up to you to actually complete these actions.

You may not think that your act will make an impact, but no matter what, any act of kindness never goes unnoticed.