Wallows Impresses with New “Spring” EP

By Elizabeth Johns, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Up and coming indie rock band Wallows’ debut EP was released on April 6, 2018.

The EP included five new songs: “Ground,” “It’s Only Right,” “Let the Sun In,” and “1980s Horror Film.”

Along with the new songs, the band added two pre-released singles: “These Days” and “Pictures of Girls.”

The group has been releasing singles since April of 2017 and continues to gain a following since their first release.

Three members make up the band: Cole Preston on drums, Braeden Lemasters on guitar and vocals and Dylan Minnette on guitar and vocals.

Danny Ferenbach plays the trumpet featured on a few tracks in the EP.

The EP was produced by John Congleton.

Starting out with upbeat tracks like “Ground” and “It’s Only Right,” the band explores their original alternative sound while also incorporating new aspects into their EP.

Track 3, “Let the Sun In,” slows down the intensity.

Trumpet featured in previous singles from the band makes a comeback in the song.

In a recent Reddit AMA, Wallows members were asked about the inspiration for the song.

“… We never want [to] copy anyone, but take inspiration from certain sounds/moments we enjoy. ‘Let the Sun In’ was influenced by ‘Moonlight Mile’ by the Rolling Stones but also Mac Demarco songs,” said the members.

The next track, “These Days,” was released as a single before making it onto the EP.

A buoyant synth starts out with a succeeding beat that hypes up the song.

The song reached 375, 613 plays on Spotify and became their third most streamed song on the platform.

Following “These Days,” “1980s Horror Film” makes an imprint on the collection.

The track is the first and only acoustic song on the EP.

Not only does it show the more sensitive and soft side of Wallows, but it also demonstrates artistic versatility by creating drama with added background vocals.

The song divulges the missed connection with love interest ‘Jamie’ and feelings of uncertainty and nervousness.

In the AMA, the band explains that “1980s Horror Film” took the shortest amount of time to write.

“…Every performance part in the song was kept at one take – including Braeden doing the take of the vocals and guitar live at the same time. [We were] super happy with how it was right out of the studio,” said Wallows.

“Pictures of Girls” finishes out the album with a song more reminiscent of the band’s earlier releases.

With their signature catchy electric guitar and laid-back vocals, the song ties a bow on the project.

The track surpassed 750,000 plays on Spotify and is their most popular track off the EP.

The EP is a good choice for anyone looking for some new music and a favorite new band.