What to Expect at Culture Con

Jacob Silliman and Chris Stem

By Jacob Silliman and Christopher Stem

Due to the recent snow days,  Culture Con has been rescheduled to April 19 to allow students and the keynote speakers to have  “full day participation.”

Culture Con was generated by the social studies and counseling departments, with student assistance, in March 2017.

The main goal of Culture Con is for juniors to challenge their existing perspective on the world around them and to provide a “safe space” to talk about a variety of subjects such as: race, gender, religion, learning exceptionalities, mental health, poverty, immigration, and sexual orientation.

High school social studies teacher teacher Andrew Warren said the main goal of Culture Con is to “expose students to diverse perspectives and develop empathy for others. Students [can] explore various aspects of culture such as identity, bias, and stereotypes.”

According to Warren, students have the opportunity to choose their sessions based on which topics they’re interested in exploring, allowing them the opportunity  to engage with experts from various organizations in York County.