Swim Team Competes in District Championships

By Chris Stem, Broadcast Manager

   The swim team competed against 23 other schools in the the PIAA Division Three District Championship meet on March 2 and 3.

    The team participated in multiple group relays, as well as having four members compete in individual events according to head coach Brian Wingert.

    “We had three relays. The boys had the 200 medley relay, the 200 freestyle relay, and the girls had the 400 freestyle relay. In addition to the relay events, we also had swimmers qualify for individual events,” said Wingert.

    Individual swimmers within the top 25 times on the team qualify, and the top 16 relay times also qualify.

      Junior Katlyn Baer swam and medaled, showing increased performance compared to previous years.

    “I think I did really well. I finished second in my 200 which is amazing, and I got a silver medal. I finished fourth in my 100 which is awesome, considering last year I didn’t even medal at districts,” said Baer.  

    The team’s performance led to multiple individuals qualifying for states, the highest level of competition a member the high school swim team is able to reach.

    “Katlyn Baer [junior]qualified in the 200 freestyle and 100 freestyle, [senior] Andrew Ferg qualified in the 200 diam and 100 backstroke, and Rohit Kandala qualified in the 50 and 100 freestyle. Matt Keuler [junior] also qualified, in the 200 diam and 100 backstroke,” said Wingert.

    Rohit Kandala, who swam freestyle, reflected positively on his and his teammates performance.

    “We did pretty well, almost all of us qualified for states. I know Kaytlin Baer is seated as 10th place overall in one of her events. And Andrew Ferg is seated 21st and 24th place,” said Kandala.

    According to their coach, the team has performed well this year and has shown improvement compared to previous years, leaving him optimistic for future years.

   “I think we’ve had a fantastic team this year. Overall, the girls both in depth and top and speed are doing better than they’ve done this past several years. The guys team has a lot of top speed, and we have a lot of new guys this year that have shown a lot of growth over the course of the season. So it looks good for us in the future,” said Wingert.