Orioles Spring Forward in to Spring Training

By Blake Ramey


@Orioles (Twitter)
Pitcher Andrew Cashner makes his first start with the Orioles.

The Baltimore Orioles have a record of ten wins, eight losses, and one draw in spring training. These losses are due to their lackluster hitting at the plate.

This early preseason success set hope in Oriole fans´ heads going into the regular season.

Baltimore is in fifth place in the American League out of fifteen teams.

The O’s started off spring training with a four loss streak which set them back early.

They were eventually able to pull out their first win in a 2-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Orioles have a lot to prove this season after losing their best pitcher, Zach Britton.

Last season, the Orioles had a record of 75-87 and finished last in their division.

The Orioles have picked up some new players this offseason such as right-handed pitcher, Andrew Cashner.

The Orioles next spring training game is on 3/13 against the Minnesota Twins. 

This spring training matchup will give the Orioles a good look at the Minnesota Twins who is their first matchup in the regular season. 

Going into the season, there are no star players that appear to lead this young Orioles team.

One advantage the Orioles do possess is their great leadership.

Coach Buck Showalter has been highly respected over the last couple of seasons.

This upcoming season will be Showalter’s 8th season with Baltimore.

The last time the Orioles made the playoffs was 2016, but they were eliminated in the wildcard game by the Kansas City Royals.

Star shortstop Manny Machado was rumored to be traded by the Orioles this past January; however, he signed a one year deal and is remaining with the team.

Baltimore is a young team with potential, hoping to bring the glory back to the Charm City.