YCAL Offers Students Career Exploration Opportunities

Lizzy Beall

By Elizabeth Beall, Reporter

One of the biggest decisions that a high schooler makes is choosing what to pursue in the future.

York County Alliance for Learning’s career exploration programs provide students with the chance to get a behind the scenes look into a specific career hosted by a business.

  An individual will get to tour the work environment, hear from members in the field, and participate in interactive simulations.

  Business education teacher and diversified occupations coordinator Angela Lehigh has been on the education committee of YCAL for 13 years.

Lehigh measures these job shadowing opportunities as a success after seeing the clarity that previous attendees gained.

  “In most of the programs my students attended, they’ve walked away with a lot of extra knowledge about the field,” said Lehigh. “It really either cemented or got them interested in something, or it solidified their thought that ‘no, this isn’t right for me,’ and that’s okay because as long as the students are making a knowledgeable decision about what they want to do in their future, it’s helpful.”

 An additional perk to the YCAL programs are the career connections that are made.

  “They [the program facilitators] are great contacts to make if you have post-secondary internships, or if you’re looking for a job because they have already met you— they have already dealt with you for an entire day. They can see the enthusiasm, and if you make a really really good impression during that one day, that’s something that you can build on for your future,” said Lehigh.

  Even those with a slight interest in the YCAL career exploration programs should visit Lehigh in room 203 to receive additional information.

  “If you’re available that day and you are not sure, sign up for it and go for it, because that’s the whole purpose of the programs, to help you make up your mind,” said Lehigh.