Wrestling Celebrates Senior Night

By Leah Miller, Reporter

The wrestling team held their 2018 Senior Night on February 1.

Friends and family gathered to acknowledge and celebrate the senior wrestlers before the match.

With the season coming to an end, the seniors were ready to wrestle their last home match.

Senior wrestler Eric Younkin sees the team’s perseverance overall when reflecting on the season.

“We had a bit of a rough start with some losses, and we got sick towards the end,” said Younkin, “but we wrestled well even when we were at a disadvantage, and we came out with a win on senior night.”

The Warriors were fearful that the match would not be wrestled due to ineligibility issues with York Suburban, but the Warriors were confident in their ability to pull out a win.

The Warriors beat York Suburban 60-15.

Seniors Joey Romjue, Eric Younkin, Alex Smith, Wyatt Hogan, Tyler Crumbling, and Tim Mette were celebrated for their hard work and dedication over the past four years.

Younkin says he will miss the competition.  

“The matches themselves,” says Younkin. “it’s a really cool feeling when the entire match is coming down to just one or two people, and it’s stressful if it’s you, but it’s still a lot of fun.”

Senior Wyatt Hogan agrees with Younkin.

“I enjoyed the one on one aspect,” says Hogan. “You know you only have you to count on out there.”

As the season ends, Hogan gives his advice to the underclassmen wrestlers.

“Practice as hard as you can,” says Hogan. “ Don’t take practice lightly because what you do at practice is what’s going to show on the mat.”