Gross Sweetens Students’ Days with Cider

By Blake Ramey

Blake Ramey
Gross estimates that he sold around $80 worth of apple cider during school in the past few weeks.

For the past week, freshman Ian Gross has been selling apple cider in school for Gross Farms.

The cider has been such a hot commodity due to the striking flavor it possesses.

The apple cider is selling for $5 for a half-gallon.

Gross believes his apple cider is worth the price and doesn’t need to be lowered.  

“It’s only made with apples. There are no added sugars as you can see on the label, and it tastes really good,” said Gross.

Even though Gross just started selling it in school, Gross has always sold it.

Gross Farms sells it locally, as well as in other states such as Virginia and Washington.

The money that the Gross family raises from their apple cider will go towards running their farm.

There was a high demand for the cider; people were asking him to bring more and more-even teachers were buying it.

Gross is not able to reveal if there is a secret ingredient in his cider.

Freshman Colby Czaplinski tasted Gross’s and is in love.

“Ian’s apple cider is awesome! I think he should keep selling it,” said Czaplinski.