Hunter Sentz Recognized for Basketball Skills


Gabby Martuszeski

Senior Hunter Sentz shoots a free throw late in the game Sarurday night.

By Chris Stem, Broadcast Manager

  Senior Hunter Sentz achieved All Tournament Team, acknowledging his notable basketball performance in a tournament at Middletown High School.

  According to boys basketball coach Andy Shelow, Sentz developed significantly as a player this season.

  “You know, Hunter’s had kind of a breakout year, he kind of turned himself into a multidimensional player, he went from being purely just a point guard with minimal ability to consistently hit the three, now he can consistently hit the three and get to the rim. He finishes well, he brings the ball down, he doesn’t allow himself to get bogged down by pressure,” said Shelow.

  To make all tournament team, Sentz had to be voted in by present coaches, and be recognized for performing at a high level.

  “You have to be voted in by at least three of the four coaches, which he unanimously was. He was chosen not only for scoring in that tournament, where he averaged 14 a game, but for his leadership, is what his coach told me. It was clear and evident that at times he took over the game and helped the team be steered in the right direction, so that was a great accomplishment,” said Shelow.

  According to junior team member Avery Ghant, Sentz has been a valuable asset to the team.

  “He’s played really well this year, and this has impacted the whole team,” said Ghant.

  While the team currently has a record of nine losses and two wins overall, Sentz believes that the team plays well and is growing.

  “I’ve been playing pretty well, I lead the team in scoring. We haven’t had a lot of success yet this year, things just haven’t into place for us, we’ve been playing well in a lot of our games, but we haven’t really put everything together yet, but I think that’s going to keep coming as the season goes on,” said Sentz.  

  Shelow shares a similar sentiment and hopes for success in the second part of the season.

  “We’re still at times trying to figure out who we are and what we want to do in different points, though we have grown tremendously. As I watch our growth from our first game until now, you can see there are snippets of time where we are absolutely clicking in every single direction,” said Shelow.