Stevie King Creates Logo for Professional Business

King created this logo for the York County Job Fair.
Image by: Stevie King

King created this logo for the York County Job Fair. Image by: Stevie King

By Alexandra Marusko, Social Media Editor

Senior Stevie King created a logo for the York County Cooperative Job Fair.

King was given the opportunity to create the logo by Business teacher Angela Lehigh, a woman who works with the Job Fair’s owner Susan Workinger.

Business teacher Angela Lehigh explains how King was given and handled the opportunity.

“I have had students attend the York County Cooperative Job Fair for at least 15 years as an option for the final exam for my Diversified Occupations classes.  Because of being known to consistently use the event as a learning tool and my connections through YCAL (York County Alliance for Learning), I was approached by Susan Workinger from the YCEA (York County Economic Alliance) with the opportunity for one or more students of Susquehannock High School to design a logo to replace the existing one; they were looking for fresh ideas from fresh minds.  I immediately floated the idea to Mr. Bowers and Mrs. McCullough as either a student competition or project, and they suggested Stevie for the task.  She was asked to come up with a few designs that the job fair committee could choose from to use on their written communications and social media to promote the event throughout York County.”

King worked for a month designing the logo, constantly talking with Workinger to make sure that the logo was up to par with Workinger’s wishes.

King describes the struggle of communication during the designing process.

“Since I had never met the person, it was a lot of emailing, and a lot of going back and forth to talk about the design, and there was a lot of miscommunication,” said King. “Eventually, we called her and talked that way so we could get everything sorted out.”

King has won several awards in the past; however, this is King’s first logo design that is being used by a professional business.

Bowers believes that this logo will widely benefit King.

“I think it’s a great portfolio piece. She’s not just creating a piece and turning it into me. She’s creating a professional logo that’s being used. A lot of this field has a lot to do with knowing people and establishing relationships, and this is a great first step for her,” said Bowers.

King’s logo can be viewed at